76th Street Ink

Create-a-Life Planner Sticker Set

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Planning and organizing your day can be a little bit easier, brighter and fun with our Create-A-Life sticker set! You can use and re-use these stickers to mark groceries, birthdays, holidays, mani/pedi appointments, date night and other everyday appointments in your planner.

Each sticker includes a creative cartoon or design, an assigned holiday or appointment type and they can easily be removed and reused for any date or appointment changes.

Are you ready to make everyday planning easier and brighter? Grab your set of sticker sheets today!

• Each sticker pack includes 7 pages of 35 stickers each, totaling 245 stickers!

• Stickers are repositionable, so they won't tear the page if you need to change your plans!

• Stickers include: "Vacation," "Phone Call," "Productive Day," "Grocery," "Workout," "Deadline," "Mani Pedis" and more!

• Featuring adorable 76th Street Ink characters certain to make you smile as you plan your day.

• Covers Home, Social, Work and Play...everything that makes your life balanced and unique.

• Also includes holiday and special occasion stickers plus bonus motivational phrases to keep you going through the week!

• Size: .93”

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