Your Ultimate Summer Planning Checklist

Timely Tips

Sometimes, without us even really noticing, summer just happens. In the midst of spring cleaning and baseball games, we forget that the next season is full of beach trips, bonfires, and maybe a kid or two claiming to be bored out of their minds. To help you enjoy a stress-free summer to the fullest, we compiled a short-but-comprehensive list on how to make this summer your best ever:

Get Cleaned Up

Clear out the old beach bags and shake off the sand from bathing suit’s past. It’s time to take stock of what needs replenishing and maybe the stuff that can go (how many plastic turtle-shaped sandcastle molds does one need?) so that you can nail our next step.

Stock Up On the Essentials

Beach reads, sunblock, a new suit, summer’s trendiest beach floatie… The list goes on and on. Once people start stocking up for summer, the best goods go fast, so make sure to get this one done early.

Check the Community Schedule

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, communities usually try to set up events like movie nights and festivals over the summer. Check out the local library, town website, and different social Facebook groups for ideas and start marking your calendar.

Make Arrangements for the Kids

Whether it’s summer camp or your local library’s reading challenge, it’s time to put on your Fun Captain hat and make sure the kids are all squared away for the summer months. Trust us, figuring out some plans now will keep the “Mooooom, I’m boooooored” at bay—for a little while, at least.

Put at Least One Getaway On the Calendar

It doesn’t have to be Cabo or a share of a Hamptons house—in fact, you don’t even have to go out of town! All you have to do is make sure that you’re committing to getting out of the house once this summer, taking advantage of the sunshine and warm lightening bug nights.

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