How to Beat the Pre-Spring Slump

Timely Tips

March: the really weird time between winter and spring when it seems like the warm weather is never going to come. We trudge on, missing the Winter Wonderland and pining for the sunshine. In the meantime, there’s five things you can do to wait out the cold and beat the pre-spring slump:

Get Outside

It seems counterproductive but trust us—this is the best thing for you. Don’t bother staying cooped up in your room with yet another Netflix binge. You have to get out there! Take a hike, go on a long drive, or hit up your local pond for some ice skating. The activity doesn’t matter as long as you’re not inside.

Start Something New

What better way to take your mind off all the blah then to try something you’ve never done before? Trying a new hobby (or even just a new restaurant) will get you thinking in new ways and challenging yourself. Hopefully, you’ll even feel motivated to continue it into the spring and beyond!

Turn It Up

Studies show that listening to happy, upbeat music improves your mood in both the short and long-term. So go ahead, swap out your audiobook for some Bruno Mars or The Beatles (or both!) and start jamming during your morning commute to start the day off right. We won’t judge.

Invest in Your People

The good weather may come and go, but your people are forever. Take this opportunity to love them a little bit more than usual—pen a handwritten letter or whip up your grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookies for those close by. Nothing warms your insides more than love (and sneaking a few of those freshly baked cookies, of course).

Book a Trip

If you have the financial means, this is a solid temporary solution to your cold weather blues. Make like a bird and head south for the winter! You’ll come back defrosted and feeling absolutely refreshed. Pro tip: Kill two birds with one stone and combine the above point with this one—girls’ trip, anyone?

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