How to Avoid a Holiday Funk

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The holidays are a time of family, love, celebrationWell, thats what its supposed to be anyway. Sometimes the stress of getting the house ready for visitors and checking everyone off your gift list can be a lotthats okay and also totally normal. So how do you get back into the spirit of the season and avoid the holiday funk? Weve rounded up our top tips below:

Set Realistic Expectations

You cant do it all, and thats totally okay. If youre not a gourmet chef, maybe a six-course Thanksgiving meal shouldnt be on the menu. If youre not into interior design and have kids that make a mess, why should your house be dressed to the nines? Theres no right way to do the holidays, theres only your way.

Stick to Your Schedule…

Whether youre traveling or hosting, its easy to neglect your daily schedule. Our advice? Dont. We fully support relaxing (hello, extra slice of cake and reality television), but if you feel all out of whack when you miss your morning meditation, then make sure that no matter what, your self-care remains an absolute priority.

…But See if You Can Plan Ahead

The greatest example of this? Doing your holiday shopping in advance! Build your gifting list in advance and see how soon after Thanksgiving (hint, Black Friday, hint) you can cross them off your list. Trust us, taking this stuff bit-by-bit means you dont have do the Christmas Eve rush or feel guilty because you forgot someone.

Practice Gratitude

What this season comes down to isnt gifts or foodits people. And when we say people, we dont mean impressing them or going above and beyond. It just means loving them, however you do and can.

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