9 Ways Our NEW Create-a-Life Planner Will Streamline Your Life in 2018!

The 2018 Create-a-Life Planner pre-sale is here, and we’re so excited to show how it's new features can make your life easier in 2018!

1. Whatever you got, this planner can take!

People who know me know that in spite of my best efforts, my belongings get a lot of wear and tear. My shoes look like I've worn them for a year after about two months. If I buy something new, I need it to work on DAY ONE and not worry about how it will hold up. Our new 2mm hard cover ensures that your planner will stand up to whatever your purse, desk or kitchen counter has in store. You can use it and abuse it, and it will still look nice and function as it should.

2. Keep your life together, literally

Speaking of working on day one...this planner has awesome binding to help you get things done right away. Whether I'm scheduling the week ahead with my husband or going to a meeting, I need to be able to open my planner and start writing. If I have to worry about pages laying flat, or if the pages will turn nicely and not fall off, then I am wasting time instead of being productive. Many planners usually have some kind of spiral binding, but our new binding is exceptionally large and sturdy, 1.25" in diameter. You can open it allllll the way (around 360 degrees), and the pages still won't fall off. We love it. We are proud of it and we know it will help you keep your life together, literally

3. Organize, beautifully

Who doesn’t love opening happy mail, especially when it's a gorgeous keepsake box with a planner inside! After opening, our new boxes can help you store your planner, or other everyday items that need organization like mail, receipts, or bills. Either way our new packaging is meant to be used for more than just safe and secure delivery.

4. Keep planning fun and functional

You know us, we love any excuse to infuse more stickers into daily life and thrive on big, bold visual reminders. With TWO additional sticker pages, you have even more events to decorate as you work on each week's plans.

5. Take everything with you, easily

What good are front and back pockets if the contents end up all over your purse? If you’re the type that loves to stuff paper in your planner, or you just get annoyed by the pages flying open in your bag, you’ll love our new elastic band. It holds everything together snugly, so you can bring what you need with you on the go and keep it in place. The band can also serve as a bookmark when you are working on a particular weekly or monthly spread. 

6. Show off your style

We believe personal expression is important and a vital part of a balanced, happy life. When you shop our planner this year, you can choose from FOUR cover designs and pick the cover that feels most like you! Whether it's Happy Dots, Dancing Daisies, Rainbow Ribbons or Blooming Tulips, we hope you'll pick the design that makes you smile the most when you look at it. 

7. Easily plan ahead for next year

This year we included a year-at-a-glance calendar for 2019, so you can look forward to the year ahead quickly and conveniently.

8. Begin big plans

Our Project List will help you keep track of those larger plans that just don't break down into simple to-do lists. Whether it's used for everyday projects cleaning out your closet or creative projects like redecorating your bedroom, having this list on hand will help you keep track of how you are moving forward on life's larger projects.  

9. Work on-the-fly

We know that when you're on-the-go or in a meeting, it can be so useful to have extra blank and lined pages pages available for grocery lists, notes, etc...These pages are here to serve you in whatever way they can! 

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