5 Easy Ways to Show a Little More Love to Your Significant Other

Timely Tips

Admit it: We can all love our significant other better. It doesn’t make us wrong, it just means we’re human! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re rounding up five super easy ways to love on your significant other—no fancy jewelry or chocolate required.

Make (or Buy!) a Meal

Okay, so not all of us are Julia Child or Betty Crocker, but we do all love a good eat. Whether you’re stopping by your guy’s work with homemade cookies or picking up his favorite sushi, food is one of the best gifts you can give because we all need something to settle our hangriness, right?

Invest in Their Interests

We all wish our significant other would care about our taste for fancy cheeses, while they just can’t understand what’s not to love about fantasy football. That’s okay. You don’t have to love everything they do. That doesn’t mean, however, that it isn’t so appreciated when they grab your favorite brie at the grocery store and you snack on it during the Super Bowl—sans alternative entertainment.

Spend Time with Their Friends

We get it. Your husband’s frat brothers aren’t exactly “your people”—especially when they start reminiscing about the good old days—and so they aren’t always your company of choice. That being said, it’s awesome when worlds are able to collide and so maybe, just this once, you could suggest everyone meet up for dinner (and not complain about it either).

Sit in the Silence

Sometimes it really is the quiet that says the most. By staying quiet, you are giving your significant other the space to lead your time together. Trust us, you’ll learn so much more about your relationship by listening rather than speaking.

Write a Note

Words of encouragement and compliment mean so much to a person—and they’re a lot easier to remember when written down. So go ahead, put all your thoughts out there in a tangible way. Even a post-it on the bathroom mirror will be absolutely cherished, we promise.

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