This Is the Year of You

Creating Happy Timely Tips


So often at the beginning of a new year, we hear the phrase “new year, new you”. But what does that really mean? We often consider the usual resolutions–working out more, eating better, and not cursing as much. While these are important, sometimes we forget about what we need to do for us and us alone. Use the three tips below to truly make 2016 the Year of You:

Take An Hour a Day for Yourself

Most people are just plain busy and the idea of taking an hour out of every day for yourself seems selfish, impossible, or both. Contrary to this believe, it’s really not the case: Even the most productive people waste at least an hour a day of time. You might as well use that hour for you, right? Right. Especially because this hour can be broken up any way you want–15 minutes in the morning for your guilty pleasure morning show, 30 minutes at night reading, and 15 minutes to check social media–whatever works best for you.

Make Your Wants, Needs

Everyone has a priorities list and oftentimes on that list, the things you want to do either make it to the bottom or find themselves erased entirely. This year, pledge to yourself that catering to your wants will become a mandatory addition to your life. How do you do this? Easy. Consider making a daily list of everything that absolutely has to get done instead of what you’d like to get done. Make sure that every day, something on that list is exclusively for your benefit.

Develop a Hobby

With career, family, and Target runs, who has time for a hobby anymore? Whether it’s picking back up a favorite pastime or finally learning how to knit, it’s important to have a hobby to fall back on when you need a stress-reliever or break from real life. Having a hobby also provides you with a sense of tangible ownership, meaning that when things feel out of control and like you spend your entire life catering to other people, you can actually prove those feelings wrong!

Our final bit of advice? Use a calendar, such as our family wall calendar (awesome because it has a yearly view, meaning you can reflect on your accomplishments at a large scale), to keep track of your progress–the good and the bad. In the end, all we’re saying comes down to one thing: giving yourself permission to be a tiny bit selfish, which can be hard to do but ultimately healthy.

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