The Martha Stewart “Etsy Show”


My friends who have known me a long time, know what a geek I was in high school. Yes, while other cool kids were rebelling against their parents, going out to parties and on dates….I was at home trying to cook a recipe a Martha Stewart recipe or make a craft project from her magazine. I think I actually clipped articles and archived them in a binder well into my twenties. So you can imagine how exciting it was for me to actually be invited as an Etsy seller to participate in her Etsy Show which aired today!


All of us sellers were hoping against hope that we would be featured somehow in the show, and were told to bring a product to hold in our laps. My product idea was to make a card with Martha and her dogs.



I also brought along a few other samples from my shop just because they were small and could easily fit in my lap during the show. As we entered the studio, the audience coordinator told us that there would be an Etsy Game during the first segment of the show where Martha would ask a question like, “Who has something green?” and we would need to raise our hands if we brought something green. I was so glad that I had brought my extra samples! Surely something would fit whatever question he would call out. My heart was racing and I was ready to go. The show started and soon enough the Etsy Game began.


“Who has something with a bird on it?” Hmmmm, I do have a bird in my repertoire, but not on any of the samples I brought today!


“Who has something upcycled?” Upcycled? What does that even mean? I have no idea. (I know now!).


“Who has something patriotic?” AACK! I do have characters holding flags but not on anything I brought. DARN IT!! Oh well, he seems to be on the other side of the audience anyways, not paying attention to us.


“Who has something oversized?” I hear a shriek from over my shoulder “ME!!!!” The woman behind me had brought a gigantic tea cup saying “Hello, is it TEA you’re looking for?” with a picture of Lionel Ritchie next to it. So funny. She was telling us before the show that her cup actually broke on the way in to the studio, and she had to do an emergency repair beforehand!


In this pic you can see me in the lower right hand corner beneath the woman with the oversized tea cup. My good friend Mike Herrod is seen in the upper left hand corner. His excellent Etsy shop is called My Carrot Industries.

Soon enough the Etsy Game was over, but honestly I wasn’t heartbroken that my cards weren’t featured…a little disappointed, sure, but not devastated. Next up were the other segments of the show featuring the VP of Marketing at Etsy (he’s a cutie!) and some crafting segments, along with the fashion show (my favorite part). As the models for the fashion show were getting ready during a commercial break, the woman sitting me shouted out, “That’s my cape!!!!”



Her name is Sherry Aiken, and she makes superhero capes and masks—so fun! She wasn’t even aware that her shop would be featured until she saw one of the models wearing her cape! Her shop is called babypop.


The rest of the show was really wonderful and did a great job of explaining what makes Etsy such a unique place to shop. I hope it inspires and encourages Martha’s viewers to shop Etsy! You can check out my store’s being featured on the Martha Stewart web site here! Thanks, Martha!!


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