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Of course I love all of my amazing customers. I have the best job in the world, where I get to work with really nice people all day long! However, a few weeks ago I was truly honored to design some thank you notes for one of my best friends and former college roommate, Mary. But these weren’t just any thank you notes, they were thank you notes for a christening, and I am the godmother of the baby!

Whenever a friend of mine asks me to design something for them I have to admit, I really put the pressure on myself. I want them to be happy and proud of my work. I want them to be impressed! Luckily, since I had just attended the happy day, the spirit of the event was fresh on my mind and I was able to remember the little details that can really make a cartoon go from looking “kinda-sorta” right to being spot-on. “Hmmm, her husband’s head is a little bit bigger than hers and he has longer hair these days…” and “Oh, Mary wore the pearl necklace she had on during her wedding…” After spending a good deal of time agonizing over the pattern of her dress and the position of the baby in her arms, I sent the proof off and crossed my fingers.

I knew that I hit the nail on the head when she wrote back the same day, “I LOVE them!” She told me that their older son was looking at the proof and able to recognize his mom and dad and new baby sister. Phew!

I am so grateful that even though Mary lives many miles away, we still are able to stay connected and be a part of each others’ lives—celebrating these special life moments together. And when we can’t physically be together, we have cute stationery to help keep us connected :o)

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