How to Keep In Touch With Those Who Matter

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The holidays are a hectic time for everyone. Even though they’re supposed to be dedicated to family and close friends, it’s often filled with shopping, work events, and a myriad of obligations. Because of this, it can be difficult to keep in touch with those who matter. Here’s five ways to make it a little bit easier this holiday season:

Leave the Crazy Behind

My husband is from a big Catholic family and one of five kids. During the holiday season, his oldest sister always takes me out for Starbucks so we can get away from the house for a bit and talk for an hour or so, just us. It has really helped us connect and takes away from the stress for us (not around as many people) and everyone else (not as many people in the house).

Schedule a Video Chat

Can’t be with your loved ones during the holidays? Video chats are the next best thing. All you need is an iPhone or a webcam and you’re good to go. There is something about communication face-to-face with a loved one that audio alone just can’t capture.

Keep a Calendar

This tip is for all of you who live by your to-do list: add social priorities such as “Visit Grandma”. While this may seem inauthentic, it’s really just a good way to make sure you’re making time for the relationships in your life. Plus, you’ll always have something positive to cross off your list, so it’s a win-win.

Make Them Something “Just Because”

There is nothing anyone likes more than a good surprise. Imagine how awesome you feel when someone sends you a batch of their extra special granola. Don’t you want your friends and family to feel like that? You never know when people need a little extra love in their lives.

Personalize Your Christmas Cards

When sending out your Christmas cards this year, select a handful of people on your send list to add a handwritten note to. While this may take a little extra time, it makes all the difference to those receiving your cards.

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