How to Get Outside More This Month

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get_outside2b-01You’d think these upcoming summer months would encourage you to get outside more often, but that’s not always the case! We get it—the sun is exhausting, vacations are expensive, and it’s just so dang hot out. While you may be tempted to sit in front of the air conditioning for the next three months, consider these five alternatives that will force you to get outside more:



Have a Picnic

Everyone’s gotta eat, right? Why not eat outside? Pack up your favorite fresh foods, grab a blanket, and head out the door. You don’t have to head to a fancy park if you don’t want to—even your backyard counts as the great outdoors.

Host a Race

Challenge a fellow vitamin D-deficient friend to a race of some sort—not only are you getting outside, but you’re also getting exercise. Who can run to the mailbox the fastest, swim the length of your pool and back, run up the playground slide, and then cross the monkey bars? These challenges can be kid-friendly too so you can get the whole family involved!

Visit the Animal Shelter

Chances are, your local animal shelter is looking for volunteers to help take care of their cats and dogs. Most will allow (or beg) you to take them outside and walk them, play fetch, or lay them down for an old fashioned belly rub. It’s an easy way to both give back and get some sun!

Buy a Hammock

Even if you’re laying down in the shade taking a nap, it still counts as getting outside! Give yourself time to rest and relax by hooking a hammock up between two of your favorite trees. Next step? Grab a good book and prepare yourself for a nice snooze.

Start a Collection

There are so many beautiful things in nature—seashells, flowers, pretty rocks. Pick up a new hobby and pick some stuff up outside! The thrill of the chase will keep you engaged and the time spent walking around outside will be good for you both mentally and physically.

Time outside means a need to hydrate! Make sure everyone knows which water is yours with our custom water bottle labels.

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