Bon Voyage!

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As everyone knows, it has been a rough ride in the job market lately! So I have to give one of my good friends credit for taking lemons and turning them into lemonade. He was laid off from his job and after many attempts to find a new one, he decided instead that this was the perfect time to follow one of his lifelong dreams to travel around the world!

So naturally I was thrilled when he asked me to create some special postcards for his journeys abroad. Honestly designing for these unique moments in my friends’ lives is one of the things I love to do most (…even if it makes me a little nervous too! I really put the pressure on myself when I’m designing for those I know and love!!).

His idea was brilliant though. He wanted a set of 50 postcards for his journey with an image of himself with all of his travel gear on the front and a globe behind him where he can indicate where he will be sending the postcard from. For example, if he’s in China, he can draw a big star where China is on the globe, and write a quick message to a friend on the back. Isn’t that a super cute and smart idea! A twist on the traditional postcard…I loved it!!

My friend is leaving on his journey today, and this post is dedicated to him! You can see how his custom design turned out above. Bon voyage :o)

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